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October Coffee Subscription

October 04, 2017 Elliot Reinecke

We have some fun coffees for the kickoff of fall weather.   First coffee for all subscribers, San Pedro Necta San Pedro Necta, is a washed Guatemalan coffee from the Huehuetenango region.  This coffee is very characteristic of a coffee from the Huehuetenango region, and is a great all around performer from your Mr Coffee to delicate pourovers to espresso. Tasting notes - Rich, Caramel, PlumRegion - Guatemala, HuehuetenangoMill - San Pedro NectaCultivar - Caturra, Bourbon & CatimorProcess - Fully washed and dried on patios in the sunAltitude - 1400-1900 maslHarvest - Current Second coffee for two bag subscribers, Kivu The second coffee is Kivu, from the Kageyo washing station in Rwanda.  This...

September Coffee Subscription

September 13, 2017 Elliot Reinecke

Hello everyone! We are going to be forgoing the monthly emails and have all information about the coffees for the subscription here on the blog.  We encourage interaction in the comments about your own brewing method, techniques, and tasting notes with the different coffees we are sending out each month. First Coffee for all subscribers, Caficultores We have a new coffee entering the shop this month that we plan on keeping around for a while...a Colombia from the Huila region.  Our supplier/importer grew up in South America, and has had a great relationship with this Co-Op in Colombia.  The full name...

The Steady State of expansion

August 28, 2017 Elliot Reinecke

The Steady State of expansion

Yes, we are moving! But, its going to be a little while longer yet.  We signed a lease over four months ago now, at 2563 State St. (yes, we are still on State Street!) which is Paradise Pizza's old deli.   We got really busy at the beginning of summer and were slow to react on getting the ball rolling at the new space, and we are currently experiencing all the fun hiccups our local city and county throw at small business owners.     We are however working feverishly, and almost have all of our permits to start construction....

Website progress

October 25, 2016 Elliot Reinecke

Hi there, we are working hard on the website in between roasting coffee and serving all week long.  We are a small operation so please bear with us.   We are working on offering a subscription service to our customers, which will provide you with delicious coffee every month, at a discount. It brings us much excitement that you want to join, and learn, with us on the journey for quality coffee, keep checking back and come say hi at our service location...2680 State st. Carlsbad.