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Steady State Roasting is an award-winning small batch roastery dedicated to the craft and care of providing specialty coffee.  We take pride in sourcing unique, high quality coffee direct from farmers and are a proud member of the transparency pledge.

Our sensory lab is open to the public seven days a week. You can experience some of our coffee offerings ranging from espresso drinks to pour-overs and specialty concoctions, as well as bring some roasted coffee back home with you.

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Steady State Roasting is all about sourcing the highest quality coffee from around the world. We believe in transparency and putting our efforts into buying as much relationship coffee as possible. This means that we regularly buy from the same farmers year after year, and in doing so, pay honorable prices for green coffee. We take pride in helping provide small farm sustainability.

The majority of our focus is on representing varietals and the different climates (countries) that they grown in. We look at coffee very similar to wine. Most of our coffees are single varietal, from a small farm, which truly represent the agriculture and “terroir” of which it grows.

Roasters Choice

  • Kolla Bolcha

    Kolla Bolcha

    Description A washed Ethiopian that is very reminiscent of a natural!  An all around crowd pleaser that is nice and clean with some light citrus/fruit notes and a chocolatey body Concord grape jam, caramel, grilled peach, complex This coffee was grown and produced without synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or fungicides Continent: AfricaCountry: EthiopiaRegion: JimmaVarietal: Mixed HeirloomFarm: Kolla Bolcha Co-OpProcess: WashedAltitude: 1900-2200meters Transparency We purchased this...

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  • Magdalena


    Description A great all around coffee, we feel this best represents the taste profiles of coffees from the Pitalito region of blossom, milk chocolate, clean. It is grown on the farm El Progresso, which is owned and operated by Rodrigo Sanchez and his parents. This coffee was grown and produced without synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or fungicides Continent: South AmericaCountry:...

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  • Space Traveler

    Space Traveler

    Finally.  A coffee that is blended to increase the layers of flavor and experience from coffee, and not for the purpose of trying to cut costs and use up old coffee.  This coffee can do it all, french press, cold brew, espresso, pourovers, aero-press, etc... It has a nice bright complexity with some nice floral accents, followed by a rounded...

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