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Inzá Decaf

Milk Chocolate, Sweet Citrus, Balanced


Hailing from one of our favorite coffee regions in Colombia, it should come as no surprise that this decaf is the best we've ever tasted. Offering delicious flavor without any of the usual decaf weirdness. This coffee is so lively and balanced we almost can't believe it's decaffeinated. We're going to go chug a pot now to check!


CONTINENT: South America
COUNTRY: Colombia
VARIETAL: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia
FARM: Inzá de Cauca
ALTITUDE: 1700+ masl


This is a super versatile coffee that works well with all the same brewing methods as its caffeinated cousins.  Our only suggestion is that for espresso, you may want to try a little finer grind and for manual brewing potentially a more coarse grind.


Red Fox Merchants are unique in their decaffeination process, choosing to keep it in the country in which the coffee was harvested. After harvest they transport the coffee to DESCAFECOL for the gentle decaffeination process; first a light steaming to open the pores on the surface of the coffee, then the caffeine is removed using ethyl acetate. The naturally occurring chemical removes the caffeine while preserving the delightful coffee flavors. The coffee is then dried and moved directly to port making for some of the freshest, most lively coffee available. Yes bright delicious coffee, that just so happens to be decaf!