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Agricola Obata

Agricola Obata

Cotton Candy, Pomegranate, Fresh Strawberries


We first learned about the Obata varietal while visiting some farms in Brazil. The farmers there were very proud of this slightly higher quality coffee, known to boast more dark fruits and a nice coating mouthfeel. We are pleased to offer this Obata varietal from the infamous Boquete valley of Panama! This selection is the first production of Agricola Geisha’s Obata microlot.


CONTINENT: Central America
REGION: Boquete
FARM: Agricola Geisha Estates
FARMER: Gonzalo Palenzuela
PROCESS: Natural with Anaerobic Fermentation
ALTITUDE: 1550 masl


Overall a fun one to brew, it goes pretty well in most brewing methods. We have been loving it in V60's with a 17:1 ratio using 18.8g of coffee and 320 ml water with about a 3-3:30 brew time.


Our relationship with Agricola Geisha has grown tremendously together and we are one of the few roasters in the US to import their coffee - most goes to the high end Asian market.

To further diversify the farm, Gonzalo has decided to integrate microlots of traditional varieties, beginning with Obata. It is a plant known for its strength and resistance to sickness, however not for its cup.

The Obata seeds were sourced in Costa Rica. While the coffee’s origins hail from Brazil, many believe the Costa Ricans cracked its code. More than half of the first round of seedlings were lost due to dry conditions and sickness. Those that survived are testaments to the Obata reputation.

Coffees not traditionally known for their cup quality don’t have the same shackles on potential as they once did. As producers continue to push boundaries in processing, hidden qualities can be brought to the surface and coffees find new ways to shine. This coffee underwent a 3 day anaerobic fermentation. Naturally occurring bacteria consumes carbohydrates and amino acids found within the coffee and alters its chemical makeup.

Planted at 1,550 MASL and just 4 years old - the best is yet to come from these trees.