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Jarmillo Pacamara

Jarmillo Pacamara

Kiwi, Honeydew, Brown Sugar, Banana


Pacamara is one of the most difficult coffees to produce and roast, but when it all comes together it rivals most exotic varieties in complexity and sweetness.  This years lot from the Jarmillo plot of Agricola Geisha Estates is another stunner!


CONTINENT: South America
REGION: Boquete
VARIETAL: Pacamara
FARMER: Martinez family
PROCESS: Natural
ALTITUDE: 1500 meters


Enjoy this with any and every brew method! Some of our favorites are through paper filters on a V60 or Fellow Stagg [XF] as well as a blooming espresso on the decent espresso machine. Tighten the ratio close to 16:1 for deeper, jammy fruit notes. Loosen it up around 17:1 to get more floral and interesting fruited notes.


Agricola Geisha began as a retirement project for Gonzalo and Yrma Palenzuela. This lot of Pacamara was planted just for fun, because that's what everyone in Boquete did, plant a little crop of coffee for themselves for fun! Once the first crop was harvested they sent some to the BoP (Best of Panama) and stunned everyone when they won an award for their Pacamara. With that award came the realization that their farm and coffee growing was special, and so the broader journey began.

This lot comes from their Jarmillo Centro farm, and even though it is the lowest elevation of their farms this lot is special year after year. The lot is located in a little elbow of a valley with its own microclimate which most think magically makes this coffee better.