Rodrigo Sanchez, La Loma Laurina

Rodrigo Sanchez, La Loma Laurina
During our three day visit to Colombia with farmer Rodrigo Sanchez, most of our time was spent at the La Loma farm.  It is a quick twenty-five minute drive straight up from the city of Pitalito, plus they recently finished building an elevated cupping room overlooking the valley and town with stunning views.  We cupped over 120 coffees in the three days we were there, and the one that stood out the most was this specific lot of Laurina.
The shape of the seeds alone make you wonder what is going on with this coffee, then the complex juiciness we were tasting in the cup seemed to be a great fit for Steady State. Then learning that this is a rare varietal called Laurina, which is naturally almost decaffeinated, we knew we had to buy it for the shop.  This coffee tells a great story, you can drink it all day long and not get jittery, and tastes divine.  We hope you have as much fun with this coffee as we did bringing it to you!
Laurina has a similar tasting profile to geisha, and is great to enjoy in the afternoon or as a digestive after dinner in replace of a mediocre decaffeinated coffee.

Continent: South America
Country: Colombia
Region: Pitalito
Varietal: Laurina
Farm: Monteblanco, Rodrigo Sanchez
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1750 meters

*NOTE: bag size is 200 grams*