This has been a very special coffee for everyone here at the shop.

This is a single variety, pink bourbon, coffee from producer Rodrigo Sanchez of the farm Monteblanco from the Huila region of Colombia.  Rodrigo is a third generation coffee farmer, and noticed some plants that his grandfather had planted in the 80's during a rust leaf attack.  After further investigation he realized it was a different species, pink bourbon, and he proceeded to plant 13 hectares with the rare species.

This coffee is insanely clean with great complexity.  I can really get the pink lemonade and juiciness going while still have great characteristics of a coffee from Colombia. 

This coffee was grown and produced without synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or fungicides

Continent: South America
Country: Colombia
Region: Huila
Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Farm: Monteblanco
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1600 meters