Rodrigo Sanchez, Monteblanco, Purple Caturra

Rodrigo Sanchez, Monteblanco, Purple Caturra

This is a single varietal coffee, purple caturra, from producer Rodrigo Sanchez of the farm Monteblanco in the Huila region of Colombia.  Rodrigo is a third generation coffee farmer, and owns four farms in the Huila region.  Purple caturra is an older varietal that was a mutation of regular caturra that is often found in Colombia.  The plant produces rich copper/purple leaves when new, and the cherries themselves are a darker tint than normal.

This coffee is full of flavor, body and still fairly clean for being naturally processed.  It has a nice Plum and raisin sweetness, a mellow soft lime acidity and bitter chocolate body.  It is a great everyday cup, and is well suited for pour-overs, espresso and even stands up to milk drinks great. 

This coffee was grown and produced without synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or fungicides

Continent: South America
Country: Colombia
Region: Huila
Varietal: Purple Caturra
Farm: Monteblanco
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1700 meters