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Loma La Gloria

Loma La Gloria

Ripe Cherries, Caramel, Dried Fruit, Smooth


There’s a great reason this is the fifth year we have purchased coffee from producer Anny Ruth, everyone loves her coffee! More importantly Anny is a great friend and it has been a pleasure working with her and learning over the years.

This year’s blend of a Red Honey processed Pacamara and a Natural processed Orange Bourbon is one of the sweetest and most balanced coffees we’ve had from Loma La Gloria yet!


CONTINENT: Central America
COUNTRY: El Salvador
REGION: El Boqueron
VARIETAL: Pacamara & Orange Bourbon
FARM: Loma La Gloria
PROCESS: Red Honey & Natural
ALTITUDE: 1700 meters


We recommend espresso and full immersion brewing methods for this year’s offering.