Gildardo Tejada, 180hr fermentation Wush Wush

Gildardo Tejada, 180hr fermentation Wush Wush
During our last trip to Colombia myself and eight other coffee professionals cupped over 120 different coffees from the Colombia region in a few days.  This is by no means anything unheard of when you are trying to buy green coffee, and is in fact quite regular.  Some purchasers, more advanced than us, will cup over 150 different coffees everyday for multiple days in a row trying to find the right lots.
The best thing for us though, is that most of these coffees were already ‘good’ coffees, and our importer was just showcasing some great options for us.  On the first night, and on the last table, there were a lot of coffees that were speaking to me, it could have been the jet lag, but I was pretty sure I would have scored a couple of the coffees on the table over 90 points.  My favorite out of the bunch was a wush wush from the Monteverde farm by producer Gildardo Tejada.  It was a 160 hour fermented natural coffee that got a wide array of scores from us 'professionals', me scoring it over 90 points and another buyer on the other end of the spectrum scored it under 83 points…after the talk this coffee brought around the table I was super interested.
It turned out there was another lot available with over 180 hours of fermentation, which is what you are enjoying today.  To me, this coffee barely hints at the fact that it is actually coffee, and is more of an exploration into the possibilities of what coffee can actually be.  The ground aromatics bring up complex nuances of different fresh and dried fruits, then after brewing the experience is enhanced.  This was a great find for us and I can’t wait to see where coffee can go in the future, please enjoy this rare varietal and processing method!

Continent: South America
Country: Colombia
Region: Tolima
Varietal: Wush Wush
Farm: Monteverde, Gildardo Tejada
Process: Natural w/ 180hrs fermentation
Altitude: 1850 meters

*NOTE: bag size is 200 grams*