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Orange, Caramel, Strawberry, Lemonade


Believed to be the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia is known to produce some of the best coffee in the world. With this rich heritage, most coffees are processed very traditionally either as natural or washed. This Degefa however pushes the boundaries of coffee processing in Ethiopia with its experimental fermentation.


COUNTRY: Ethiopia
REGION: Kochere
VARIETAL: Mixed Heirloom & 74158
FARM: Bonde Washing Station
FARMER: 884+ contributing farms
ALTITUDE: 2000-2150 meters


Coffee seeds from Ethiopia are usually slightly smaller in size, making it easier to develop the coffee while roasting. This also means it is easier to extract and can handle a little coarser grind than most of our coffees. This coffee is a great performer all around. We’re especially loving it as a flat white with the espresso being 20g coffee in and 50g total beverage out in 40-45 seconds.


This coffee comes from a rich subtropical area of Kochere and undergoes some fun experimentation. Our friend Sam from Keffa Coffee has been running this experimental lot with his friend Israel Degefa for three years now. According to Sam, one of the most interesting things about this coffee is that it gets better the longer the green rests! So this will definitely be going into our freezer for the vintage collection.

After three years of experimentation we think they are really starting to find the sweet spot with this coffee. There are over 884 farms contributing to this lot with mostly heirloom varietals. Once cherries are received at the mill they are fermented for 48 hours with the addition of Intenso yeast. After fermentation the coffee proceeds as a traditional washed coffee would with depulping, more fermentation with water to break down the mucilage, then drying in the parchment and preparing for shipping.