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Creativa Agustín Gómez

Creativa Agustín Gómez

Plum, Lychee, Mandarin, Orange Wine


Our third year working with Creativa Coffee District (CCD) and this cup does not disappoint. A complex, boozy and unique coffee that best represents the innovative processing methods utilized by the CCD. Slow down and savor the full sensory experience of this distinct coffee.


CONTINENT: South America
REGION: Chiriqui - Microlot 12
FARMER: Agustín Gómez

PROCESS: Experimental


Due to the boozy nature of this coffee it can take on many different forms. The boozy flavor comes easy, and balance is the most important for an optimal brew. A good grinder is always key. Focus on a coarser grind and faster brew time. The coffee is very soluble and easy to extract, which means it is easier to over extract. For a less boozy, more friendly brew some aim for a faster extraction. This coffee is great for manual brew methods, and if done just right makes for a super fun espresso!


A similair model to Neighbors & Crops at La Palma y El Tucan and Del Agua, Creativa Coffee District has their pickers help harvest cherries from surrounding farms then handles the processing, sales and logistics. In utilizing their strong industry connections they are able to sell the coffee for more than the individual farmers would ever be able to. In turn, they can get the farmers more money for their coffee and help foster a more sustainable lifestyle for the local farmers.