PKK Ceramics Mug


A mug that you love is something that gives inspiration for the morning brews.

We have been wanting to offer Phill Kiho Kim's mugs for some time now, and fortunately he was able to fit in a custom order for us this year.  Hand thrown in the L.A. area, Phill's close attention to detail has created a long list of interested candidates.  In order to showcase the texture and clean lines that his mugs have, we kept the mug classy with minimal color.

The inside has a black glaze with a nice tapered lip for clean sips, a small black 'stripe' on the bottom of the mug and a small Steady State stamp on the side.  If you prefer to have a matching set of these mugs you'll be stoked to know that they are stackable as well.  that is slightly covered if you prefer to stack the mugs in your cabinet.

Each one of these mugs was made by hand with love and are the perfect companion for enjoying our made with love coffee.


Hand thrown in Los Angeles, CA by PKK Ceramics.