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Ato C.O.E.

Ato C.O.E.

Blueberry, Green Apple, Strawberry


A top contender in this year’s Ethiopian Cup of Excellence (C.O.E.), this cup exemplifies what some of the best natural processed Ethiopian coffees can taste like. As a third generation coffee farmer Ato Yidnekachew created a very clean coffee. Fruit forward, bursting with blueberry and featuring a full creamy mouthfeel.


COUNTRY: Ethiopia
VARIETAL: Mixed Heirloom
FARM: 180 local outgrowers
PROCESS: Natural


Ato Yidnekachew Seleshi is a 26-year-old farmer in West Guji, Hambella Wamena woreda. He started his own coffee business in 2015 fresh out of university. He is a third generation coffee producer, with his grandfather (86) working in the sector for the past 52 years. Currently, Yidnekachew works with 180 outgrowers on 270 hectares and produces 170,000 kilograms of natural dry specialty coffee. His major buyers are ECX and exporters in Addis Ababa. His coffee scored 85.39.

“This type of competition promotes the country and our exceptional coffee. Compared to the quality and variety, we have not done much to market our coffee,” said Yidnekachew. “We should promote our producers, and their specific locations, and I believe this competition will help us achieve more. It will bring good prices, encourages positive competition, and supports farmers to produce quality.”