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Blackberry, Vanilla, Floral, Soft


This farm blend of Pacas, Geisha and Catuai varietals from the award-winning Agricola Geisha estates in Panama offers a clean, floral and juicy cup. Aromatic and flavorful, this coffee beautifully represents the world-class terroir of the Boquete region and these classic varietals.


CONTINENT: South America
REGION: Boquete
VARIETAL: Geisha, Pacas, Catuai
FARM: Agricola Geisha (Jarmillo)
PROCESS: Natural
ALTITUDE: 1600-1900 masl


It is important to preserve the complexity and delicate nature of this coffee, so focusing on a good grind for brewing is key! Utilize a slightly finer grind than normal, and a larger gap in brew ratio of 17:1 - 17.5:1. It is more difficult to over-extract and pull out undesirable flavors with this coffee, so focus on longer brew times until some bitterness is detected then dial it back slightly more coarse. Perfect for a nice clean cup of pour-over with paper filter or an amazing single origin espresso. This coffee does great with most brew methods.


Agricola Geisha is a family-owned farm overlooking the Baru volcano in Alto Jaramillo that grows coffee at 1380-2100 masl. Unlike many farms Agricola Geisha didn't start with business as the main order, but rather focused on building the farm based on curiosity, pride, a sense of adventure and letting mother nature shine through. Beginning as a passion project for retired couple, Yrma and Gonzalo Palenzuela, the two quickly became students in the art of coffee farming. A lot of love goes into this award-winning farm and it is truly evident in the details of each cup.