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Santa Maria Tabi

Gummies, Chocolate Covered Berries, Hibiscus, Complex


A bit of the funky life, but not too much! This single varietal Tabi offers a very balanced cup profile with generous fruit notes and big chocolate flavors. This coffee is a delight to drink all by itself, but it also works well with the addition of cream or sweeteners. It has just enough funk to be fun, but isn't overly boozy. This coffee and farm are also certified organic, if that kinda stuff gets you going.


CONTINENT: South America
COUNTRY: Colombia
REGION: Santander
FARM: Santa Maria
FARMER: 22 local women farmers
PROCESS: Anaerobic Natural
ALTITUDE: 1775 masl


Hailing from the Santander region in Colombia, this lot of Tabi was produced by a cooperative of 22 local women farmers. In addition to being certified organic it also carries certificates from The Rainforest Alliance and Con Manos de Mujer (verifies it was produced by women). After harvest the cherries are fermented for 100 hours at low temperatures around 22°C, they are then dried for 30 days until a moisture content of 11% is reached.