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Reina Geisha

Reina Geisha

Strawberry, Floral, Melon, Grape


Our favorite varietal from one of our favorite regions in Panama! An extraordinarily fun and complex taste profile that is fruity, jammy and slightly floral all at the same time.

Bonus: For a super fun side-by-side comparison brew Reina Geisha and Reina Pacamara and explore the similarities and differences of these two varietals!


CONTINENT: South America
REGION: Boquete
PROCESS: Natural
ALTITUDE: 1500 meters


Enjoy this with any and every brew method! Some of our favorites are through paper filters on a V60 or Fellow Stagg [XF] as well as filter 2.0 on the decent espresso machine. Tighten the ratio close to 16:1 for deeper, jammy fruit notes. Loosen it up around 17:1 to get more floral and interesting fruited notes.


If you're in the Cool Bean (Club) you're likely already aware of the amazing coffee that's been coming out of the Boquete region of Panama over the last ten years. If you're unaware, the main gist is they're producing some of the best coffees in the world, and fetching some of the highest prices.

The farms that make up Agricola are no exception to the great tasting coffees, but they come without the insane price of other farms. We aren't entirely sure how the competitions are judged but feel as though the Agricola farm should be receiving more awards from the Best of Panama (BoP) and Cup of Excellence (COE) competitions than they are.  Since their initial good result with the Reina Pacamara, Agricola has yet to receive any more rewards, even though their coffee has continued to improve and is some of the best in the region. The area is very open to helping each other as good neighbors do, but the farmers that have been competing and doing well in the BoP and COE for many years seem to have a stronghold on the top results. Not a great thing for some local farmers, but it makes the coffee way more accessible to us, since we can keep the price per pound below hundreds of dollars.

Agricola now has a total of five farms; Alto Jaramillo, India Nueva, India Vieja, Jaramillo Arriba and Jaramillo Centro. They grow Geisha, Pacamara, Catuai, Pacas, Maragohipe and are rivaling if not exceeding neighboring “world-class” farms without the insane price tag.