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Los Hermanos

Los Hermanos

Grapefruit, Clementine, Cherry, Dark Chocolate


This single varietal Bourbon coffee is naturally processed with a slow, extended fermentation (close to 100 hours) making for a delightfully complex fruit bomb! Los Hermanos is comprised of brothers Juan Angel Torres & Gabriel Torres operating two separate farms; La Cafelina & La Indonesia.


CONTINENT: South America
COUNTRY: Colombia
REGION: Narino
FARM: La Cafelina & La Indonesia
PROCESS: Natural
ALTITUDE: 1750+ masl


Finca La Cafelina is a 5 hectare property operated by Juan Angel. Coffee has been cultivated here for more than 30 years, originally growing mostly Caturra. Today, Juan Angel grows mostly Caturra and Colombia varieties alongside citrus trees like orange, mandarin, lime, and lemon. The crops enjoy shade from banana, guamo, leucaena, and yarumo trees.

For eight years they have been responsibly managing water for processing. The fermentation process is very important. The coffee cherry level of maturation is measured with the help of a Brix meter, with the goal of determining the optimal point of harvest. This evaluation looks for the best concentration of sugars that each coffee variety can have.

Brother Gabriel Torres’ farm, Finca La Indonesia, is around 8 hectares total with 60% of the cultivated land falling on a mountain slope 1750–1850 meters above the sea level. The farm has over 300 square meters of patios for drying coffee. Gabriel grows plantains, citrus, bananas, lulo, and corn alongside his coffee crop.

The brothers have planted several varieties together, including Pink Bourbon, Maragogype, Bourbon, Sidra, Typica, and some 300 trees of Yirgacheffe variety.

“Our challenge is to conserve and adapt foreign varieties of coffee that one day might be on the way to extinction in our area since the majority of the coffee producers prefer yields over quality and plant varieties like Castillo,” says Gabriel.

The Natural process for this lot begins with 100 hours of anaerobic fermentation for the cherries in small 60 kg batches. This fermentation is done in food grade plastic tanks which are kept shaded in the concrete processing facility to avoid high temperatures or sun exposure. After the sugar content is measured at 3.5 degrees Brix, the cherries are drained and moved to a plastic-covered drying patio. The cherries are dried here for 30 days and moved regularly to ensure even drying, until the humidity is measured at 10.5–11%. Parchment coffee is stored in GrainPro bags until it is time for milling.