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Jose Rojas

Blackberry, Peach Pie, Caramello


The latest Del Agua project by Equation Coffee. This small lot of Colombia and Castillo varietals offers bright, funky, and fruity flavors. Farming in this region is challenging due to unpaved roads and abundant rainfall, making coffee transportation to dry mills quite treacherous.


CONTINENT: South America
COUNTRY: Colombia
REGION: Ciénaga
VARIETAL: Colombia & Castillo
FARM: La Bendición de Dios
PROCESS: Natural
ALTITUDE: 1651 masl


We highly recommend espresso and manual brew methods. For espresso, start with your normal recipe. For manual brew, especially paper filter pourovers, it’s going to be a little different.

This coffee is going to brew very fast. You’re going to think about grinding finer and slowing it down. But we’ve found that the faster brews, literally like 2:15 (including a 30 second bloom) are the most enjoyable to drink. The coffee is very soluble so it’s easy to extract. If you grind too fine you’re going to get a lot of unwanted bitterness and booziness.

We use 18.8g, 320ml water & 2:10-2:30 brew time with a single pour after bloom technique.


José Alfredo Rojas Navarro is the farm manager responsible for coffee cultivation. Coffee holds deep meaning in his life, second only to God, as the raw material for survival. Cultivating coffee has been an integral part of his lifelong journey. The farm was acquired via a combination of inheritance from previous generations and his relentless hard work, transforming the land into a thriving coffee-growing haven.

After cherries are harvested, a special process takes place on the farm. The coffee pulp undergoes decomposition using earthworms, effectively converting it into valuable compost that is used to enrich the soil and promote healthy growth of the coffee plants.

The family plays a fundamental role on the farm, with everyone involved in various tasks, from picking and washing coffee to fertilizing, weeding, and planting.

Sustainability is a key focus on the farm, where utmost care is taken to keep the environment clean and healthy. They employ manual weeding, avoid fungicide use and ensure no litter contaminates the forest and water sources.

The farm boasts a rich diversity of flora and fauna. The landscape is adorned with flora species like guamo, yarumo, chachafruto, uvito, pink laurel, and cow’s ear. A vibrant array of fauna, including toucans, carracos, ñeque, armadillos, foxes, mapuritos, and guans, find refuge on the farm.

The family is proud to share this beautiful space with the native flora and fauna. Their commitment to conservation and environmental respect is reflected in the sustainable practices implemented on the farm.


This is Lot 09 from Jose Rojas. All the cherries were handpicked when ripe, then fermented anaerobically for 114 hours at a controlled lower temperature. After fermentation, the whole cherries were slowly dried on raised beds for 29 days. Once the moisture content was stabilized it was picked up and taken to the local dry mill to remove the pulp and parchment.