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El Ubérrimo Geisha

El Ubérrimo Geisha

Green Apple, Tangerine, Honeysuckle, Herbaceous


One of our favorite countries and varietals! This washed Geisha from Francy Liceth Castillo of the El Ubérrimo farm in Colombia is a beautiful example of why we love this varietal so much. It offers classic Geisha floral notes, along with a touch of fruit and a clean, lingering finish.


CONTINENT: South America
COUNTRY: Colombia
REGION: Nariño
FARM: El Ubérrimo
FARMER: Francy Liceth Castillo
ALTITUDE: 2148 meters


For the most floral and fruit forward cup we highly recommend brewing through a paper filter, like the good ole classic V60 or the newer Mugen model. If you’re looking for a little fuller body with a coating mouthfeel we suggest trying a french press or, our favorite, a short americano!


El Ubérrimo farm is operated by Francy Liceth Castillo in the Nariño Department of Colombia. “Ubérrimo” refers to the abundant production of the crops on the farm, which is a project shared primarily between Francy, her parents, and her five sisters.

In 2017, Francy undertook a new project at the farm to begin planting new coffee crops. This project required timely planning and execution, including seed selection, integrated warehouse management, instituting new soil conservation practices according to the terrain, and greater planting distances to encourage the growth and physiological development of the plants.

Farm tasks like planting, fertilization, and harvesting allow for Francy to employ the help of neighbors and family members. Production practices on the farm focus on using the least amount of agrochemicals in an effort to preserve the naturally occurring microbial life in the soil in order to support healthy and hardy coffee plants.