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El Paseo

El Paseo

Berry, Banana, Raspberry, Lingering


A washed coffee from Narino that reminds us more of a natural Ethiopian. This cup offers ample fruit upfront like plum, raspberry and mango complemented by a nice balanced body.


CONTINENT: South America
COUNTRY: Colombia
REGION: Narino
VARIETAL: Castillo
FARM: El Paseo
PROCESS: Washed Anaerobic
ALTITUDE: 1900 meters


This coffee makes a great, clean and complex pour-over or any other brew method using a paper filter. It brews rather quickly and extracts easily so we recommend starting closer to a 17:1 (water to coffee) ratio. This one may be worth experimenting with slightly lower water temperatures when brewing as well. Experimenting with espresso has also yielded great results. Our best ones were 18.2 grams of coffee in 44ml total beverage out in 38-40 seconds.


Our pal Rodrigo Sanchez connected us with his pal Huber Castillo who owns the El Paseo farm in Narino. This lot is composed entirely of castillo varietals, which only makes sense given Huber's last name! The fruit is fermented in full cherries without oxygen after picking, then is processed as you normally would a washed coffee. The fermentation beforehand breaks the mold of the traditional Narino flavor profile and adds a lot more fruit notes. This helps balance the acidity and body of the cup making it more complex. Huber has done a good job on the fermentation as the cup isn't overly boozy and is fairly clean overall.