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Del Agua

Del Agua

Nectarine, Peach Pie, Papaya


Returning for the third year! Produced in the up-and-coming Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range in Northern Colombia by the Del Agua coffee project, this coffee is fruit forward and balanced. A great all-around coffee that can be enjoyed anytime of the day, all while helping conserve water during processing.


CONTINENT: South America
COUNTRY: Colombia
REGION: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
VARIETAL: Castillo & Caturra
FARM: Del Agua Coffee
PROCESS: Natural
ALTITUDE: 1200-1300 meters

Del Agua Coffee

Water conservation is the main purpose of the Del Agua Coffee project. Del Agua produces coffees through a community–based model using the minimum amount of water in processing and encourages everyone living and working in the region to become guardians of biodiversity.

Del Agua produces green coffee in La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a breathtaking region of Colombia with high mountains close to the ocean. The microclimate is as diverse as it is sacred to the farmers who live in the region. Several springs nourish the most unbelievable fauna and flora; freshwater is a resource and most treasured asset that coffee producers are committed to protect.