The Steady State of expansion

The Steady State of expansion

Yes, we are moving!

Thanks Andrew, Greg and Jeff for putting up the vinyl window stickers

But, its going to be a little while longer yet.  We signed a lease over four months ago now, at 2563 State St. (yes, we are still on State Street!) which is Paradise Pizza's old deli.  

We got really busy at the beginning of summer and were slow to react on getting the ball rolling at the new space, and we are currently experiencing all the fun hiccups our local city and county throw at small business owners.    

We are however working feverishly, and almost have all of our permits to start construction.  The place has already been mostly demoed by myself and the added help of friends.  We have been using our new refrigerator over there to store extra milk and cold brew, so its not a complete waste of space.

Owner Ellen taking out some drywall at the new Steady State location

Currently storing cups, soon to store happy humans sipping coffee

We have been serving some delicious coffee lately; staff favorites the last couple months are the Yemen, Rowaad - Uganda, Sipi Falls - and Ethiopia, Nekisse.  We have selected all of our coffees from Ninety Plus' fresh lots that should start arriving in a couple of months.  We are really excited to try their Ethiopian Magakoro Estates, as well as this years crop of Nekisse.

Keep checking back as we update with the process of our new buildout and current lineup of coffees!