January Coffee Subscription

January Coffee Subscription

We have a fun one for you this month.  As some of you may or may not know we competed last year in the US roasting competition, where we placed second in regionals, and 11th in the nation.  Wanting to do a little better we are back at it competing again this year, and its less than one month away! 

The way the competition works is all 35(regional) roasters receive the same coffee, we then roast it the way we would like it to taste, fly it to New Orleans to talk about how it tastes and why we roasted it the way we did.

This month all subscribers will be receiving this coffee!  We didn't purchase fancy stickers, so the bag will have "Comp Colombia" hand written on it.  It is a nice drinkable coffee from the Narino region, caramel body with some citrus acidity.

The second coffee this month is a great natural Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia, Dumerso.  Dumerso is a very well rounded fruity coffee, with a juicy juicy mouthfeel, enjoy!

First coffee for all subscribers, Comp Colombia

As mentioned this is the coffee we were given to roast for the competition.  We feel its a very drinkable coffee with some nice citrus notes, rounded body and that ever so slight lemongrass a lot of Colombian coffees are known for.

Tasting notes - lemongrass, cane sugar, caramel, orange
Region -Colombia, Narino, Alto San Diego Assoc.
Mill - Pasto Mill
Cultivar - Caturra, Castillo Colombia
Process - Washed w/16-18 hrs fermentation then dried
Altitude - 1,750-1,900 masl
Harvest - Delivered to mill June 21-28 for Sept. 1st shipment

Second coffee for two bag subscribers, Dumerso

As you probably know by now we love Ethiopian coffees, especially naturals (sorry Scott Rao) and this coffee definitely delivers the way we were hoping it would.  Its well rounded with tropical fruits, a nice chocolatey base and a juicy body.

Tasting notes - Berry Jam, bittersweet chocolate, tropical fruit, orange citrus, juicy body
Region - Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe
Mill/Farm - Dumerso
Cultivar - Mixed heirloom
Process - Natural
Altitude - 1600+

Ripe cherries from the Dumerso mill in Ethiopia