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2020 Good Food Awards

2020 Good Food Awards

There aren't too many other awards as awesome in the small food and beverage sector of the US than the Good Food Awards. With nearly 2,000 entries each year, and in its 10th year, the competition is fierce for a Good Food Award. In each category, three food crafters from each region — north, south, east, west and central — receive the honor, annually, after passing category-specific standards in sustainability and offering an undeniably superior product.

We were lucky enough to win such a prestigious award this year with our La Pradera Mokka from the Santander region of Colombia.  The rare Mokka varietal coupled with the outstanding farming and processing practices by Oscar Daza and his team created a truly unique and tasty coffee.  Not only is La Pradera certified organic, they are a member of the rainforest alliance, as well as a certified bird sanctuary by the Smithsonian institute.  Due to the steep slopes of where the coffee is grown, all of the coffees on La Pradera are hand picked, and migrant pickers are welcome to stay on the farm during the harvest in nicer than usual accommodations.

This coffee was sourced from the farm and imported by Ally Coffee Trading.  There was only a total of 75 pounds of Mokka produced and we acquired the entire lot for $24 a pound, including the import/export fees to Ally.  This was our first year purchasing coffee from La Pradera but we plan on continuing the relationship this year with more Mokka varietal, as well as some other great offerings from Oscar Daza and his team.

Receiving an award from these legends was very humbling!

We were extremely humbled to stand on the stage with all of the other coffee winners, as well as the legendary presenters.  Steady State Roasting was the only San Diego company to receive a Good Food Award this year!

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